Justin Trudeau Killed the Dinosaurs, Says Conservative Study

A recent report conducted by the Conservative Party is claiming that Justin Trudeau is responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and the majority of land-dwelling species in existence 65 million years ago.

Dismissing the evidence that an asteroid that struck the Yucatan Peninsula, which caused shockwaves, tsunami, and extensive fire and smoke, the report instead states that it was in fact Justin Trudeau and that his ascension to Prime Minister could initiate a similar, globally destructive event.

The report also notes that the concern is not for the survival of the species, but for those who have chosen to vote Liberal, NDP, Green, or even abstain, as such individuals would be exempt from the rescue of the disaster by the returning Lord Jesus Christ. Conservatives and their families would be spared.

The Ottawa Speaker made attempts to contact Jesus Christ but, expectedly, our requests were not answered.

Photo source: fatmovieguy.com

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